The White City Warehouse (WCW) is a safe, inclusive, place where companies and the local community can meet, communicate, and collaborate in the heart of West London – 62 Wood Lane, White City, London, W12 7RH.

The adaptable building, previously known as the Elephant West project space, has been transformed into a cultural platform that speaks to today’s makers and audiences, one that adapts and responds to the changing creative environment.

The design engages the latent architectural potential of a derelict, utilitarian building, and resurrects the foundation myth of White City. White City is named after an exhibition which took place here in 1908, celebrating a new alliance between France and Britain, the ‘Entente Cordiale’. The grand pavilions were painted white or decorated in white marble making it ‘The Great White City’.

It is the essence of alliance and cooperation that formulates the spirit of LOFT’s partnership with White City Warehouse.

LOFT is increasingly focused upon the impact our company has on society and the environment. And this has led us to explore the development of two key concepts: social value and social impact. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but it’s important to understand the differences between them.

The key difference between social value and social impact is that social value focuses on the short-term benefits that a business provides to society, whereas social impact looks at the long-term, sustainable impact that a business has on society and the environment.

Social value refers to the positive impact that a business has on society and the environment. This can include creating jobs, supporting local communities, and reducing carbon emissions. Social value can also be measured in terms of the economic, social, and environmental benefits that a business provides to society.

One good example of creating social value is LOFT inviting Lauren Moorhead, the Founder and CEO of NXT Generation CIC to share the co-working space at WCW to help grow her youth charity organisation.

Lauren commented; “NXT Gen CIC exists to provide the next generation with the mentorship, skills, encouragement, confidence, and networks to pursue their dreams. The opportunity LOFT has offered us is exactly what NXT Gen CIC have been looking for. A solid base for us to operate from, run workshops, and mentoring programmes in the heart of West London. We can’t wait to get started working with LOFT!” 

On the other hand, social impact refers to the long-term, sustainable impact that a business has on society and the environment. This includes the positive and negative effects of a business’s activities, and the impact they have on future generations. Social impact can also be measured in terms of the positive changes that a business brings to society, such as reducing poverty, improving health, and promoting equality.

One key measure of social impact is delivering quality, affordable and social housing, without unsettling and displacing communities.

In support of this, LOFT is hosting and sponsoring the inaugural launch of the UK Single Family Housing Association (UK SFA) at White City Warehouse – their motto is More Homes, everywhere. For everyone.

UK SFA CEO Richard Berridge stated; “The ambition of UK SFA is to help this country build more homes, everywhere, for everyone and in the process bring together everyone who has a role in doing so. To realise this vision, we need to reach out to all government, businesses, and individuals; locally, regionally, nationally. LOFT has kindly offered to host our launch event on the 22nd February at the White City Warehouse, the ideal launchpad for our crusade to deliver more housing, nationwide.”

ESG Director Elizabeth Jackson described LOFT’s intention behind the ground-breaking social value project.

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose at White City Warehouse is to create meaningful social value through improving communication and engagement with the local community. Helping property investors and developers to deliver more positive social impact via Section 106 grant funding. By focusing on both social value and social impact, LOFT can ensure we create positive change in society and the environment, and that our activities are sustainable in the long-term. By doing so, we can build a strong reputation and foster trust with stakeholders, while also creating a better future for society and the planet.”

The LOFT x White City Warehouse Pop Up opens on 5th February and is open to everyone. Because when everyone is included, everyone wins – 62 Wood Lane, White City, London, W12 7RH.

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